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Thanks to the steady uptick in online shopping, the demand for warehouse workers continues to grow. Keeping up with the staffing need is difficult enough, but seasonal growth or employees’ extended leave of absence can leave HR managers floundering to fill important roles.

That’s where warehouse temp agencies come in. While temping has certainly changed over the years, short-term staffing agencies offer several advantages for businesses and prospective employees in fast-paced industries like manufacturing and distribution.

Whether you’re a recruiter scrambling to fill positions or a job seeker looking for a short-term opportunity, here are a few benefits of working with warehouse temp agencies:

Easy Solution for Seasonal or Short-Term Work

Business is booming and employee productivity is at an all-time high… until a warehouse team member needs to take an unexpected leave of absence. Instead of spending weeks posting the job, scanning resumes, and holding interviews, warehouse temp agencies could help find the right fit for your short-term position in the time it would take just to post the job opening.

In addition to drastically reducing the hiring timeline, warehouse staffing agencies want to place the right candidates with each business and will often offer a pool of potential temp workers from which to choose. Even with extensive screening measures, though, some short-term employees just aren’t a good fit for the business. And if the warehouse temp you select doesn’t work out? The staffing agency will take care of replacing a temporary employee with a better fit.

Cost Effective for Businesses

Time is money, and think of all the time warehouse staffing agencies could save your business. From running background checks to spending hours reviewing resumes and holding interviews, warehouse temp agencies do all the legwork long before your staffing need even arises.

While hiring through a warehouse temp agency does require fees upfront, it goes without saying that businesses save money in the long run by eliminating the need to cover benefits and paid time off. But that doesn’t mean warehouse temp workers have to forego benefits– many temp agencies offer their own benefit packages to short-term staff.

Opens the Door for Full-Time Opportunities

Along with offering convenience and savings for businesses, there’s another perk that warehouse temp agencies provide: a trial run for potential long-term employees. Temporary work gives both employers and employees the chance to get to know each other and establish a relationship should a full-time position open up down the road.

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Filling last-minute positions can be stressful, especially during busy seasons. But working with warehouse temp agencies can alleviate that pressure by providing a broad pool of short-term candidates, which saves businesses significant time and money while simultaneously giving them the chance to meet potential full-time staffers.

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