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 Job Fairs Near Me

The career fair is one of the most comprehensive recruiting strategies for both the job seeker and the employer looking for top talent. As a job seeker, in order to find job fairs near me, there are a variety of ways to attend the best career fairs near me that have the most potential to yield a viable and rewarding career.

Popular internet searches for local career fairs are relatively last minute, such as “job fairs near me today” or “job fairs near me coming up.” One way to find quality upcoming recruiting events is to reach out to a local staffing firm such as Morales Group. Staffing agencies have the inside scoop on any staffing-related events around town, and they are usually involved in some way. If I wanted to know immediately what job fairs near me were available and relevant to my experience, working with a staffing firm might even get me on the inside track to open positions. 

Another way to find job fairs near me is to simply search the term on Google. Search engines aggregate local career fairs and similar events at the top of the page. However, these results may not be the full list.

While local job fairs 2019 near me are mostly over for the year, it’s still worth searching for future events. Many job fairs near me are recurring and will be around the same days regardless of year. If I’m interested to start putting job fair events on my schedule for upcoming years, I could look up the following:

  • Indianapolis job fair 2019 or job fairs Indianapolis 2019
  • Indiana job fairs 2019
  • Career fair 2019 near me
  • Or any other combination of region.

This way I can see the dates used for past career fairs in order to remember the days for future years.

Career Fair

Before searching for job fairs near me, my first step is to learn what a career fair is and how to search and attend one for the very best results — finding a career I love. Essentially, a career fair — also commonly referred to as a job fair or career expo — is an event in which employers, recruiters, and schools give information to potential employees. A career fair is an event at which people looking for a job or career can meet possible employers, learn more about companies and career tracks, as well as learn more about current openings at these companies.  

Simple ways to find job fairs near me include looking at national career fair companies. National Career Fairs, for example, is one of the oldest and largest career fair organizers in the nation. They have held over 10,000 career fairs nationwide and have helped over 1 million job seekers. With free career fairs in more than 130 cities, it’s likely they host job fairs near me. Another large national organizer of career fair events is Choice Career Fairs. This company also offers free annual career fairs, including their Indianapolis job fair 2019, which was scheduled on June 20. Keep a lookout for either of these options for the future — their schedules are posted online so you won’t miss out! To see the career fair 2019 dates which will likely be the same for the future, check out their websites or call our Morales Group recruiters for more information on local career fairs. 

Choice Career Fairs reviews can be found online, as well as any National Career Fairs review to see if these might be a good fit for local career fairs for your job search.

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