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We Are A Cause, Disguised As A Business

We believe in giving back and making a positive impact on the communities we serve. Through both our Morales Group and Acción Culture of Service, we strive to build better futures for individuals, one story at a time. Recently, our dedicated teammates have been making strides in the community by volunteering their time, and we couldn’t be prouder of their commitment to making a difference.

Culture of Giving Back

Wheeler Mission

One of our recent acts of service involved delivering and donating luxury products to Wheeler Mission. Our teams are constantly finding ways to give back. We recently started collecting damaged goods or products that are not passable for the sales floor, but still retain their value and would otherwise go to waste. Teammates worked tirelessly to repurpose and bring much-needed relief and self-care items to individuals at the Wheeler Mission Women’s Shelter. We’re thrilled to have been able to brighten their day and contribute to their well-being. By engaging in such initiatives, our team truly embodies the spirit of service, acting as a beacon of light. Wheeler Mission is a great start if you’re looking to give back to the community.

Wheeler is a non-denominational, Christian, social services organization, which provides critically needed goods and services to individuals experiencing homelessness, poverty, and need in Central and South Central Indiana without regard to race, color, sexual orientation, creed, national origin, or religion.

Shepherd Community Center

We also partnered with Shepherd Community Center, an organization dedicated to supporting our community members and breaking the cycle of poverty. The Leadership Team dedicated one morning to serving a Shepherd neighbor who needed assistance in cleaning up his backyard. Each member of the team gathered sticks, bricks, weeds and other items that were in the yard, working alongside the neighbor. Our Morales Group + Accion Sustainability Committee served one day by painting and completing lean-up projects for incoming neighbors. Their work made a positive impact on both the neighborhood and the areas they worked to clean and refresh.

Organizations like Shepherd Community embody our mission to build better futures. Shepherd works to build assets into people’s lives so they can break the bonds of generational poverty. It’s through collaborations like these that we can make a tangible impact and create a better environment for everyone. Shepherd exemplifies organizations we love to work with—ones that daily uplift and empower our community members. Make your next volunteer day with Shepherd.

Salvation Army

Another notable service opportunity was through our friends at Salvation Army. As weather broke and provided sunshine, our HR Department seized the moment and dedicated time and efforts towards a landscaping clean-up project. This beautification project was centered around the Salvation Army – Eagle Creek location, and their Booth Manor apartments. The Booth Manor apartments have helped provide housing for low-income seniors in the area. For ways to give back to Salvation Army, you can visit their Ways To Give page today.

The Eagle Creek Salvation Army is committed to providing quality care for kids, adult programming, and a safe place for everyone in our community.

Three Pillars of Outreach: Social Good, Skill Enhancement, and Service

At Morales Group, we have established three pillars of outreach: Social Good, Skill Enhancement, and Service. These pillars guide our efforts in giving our time, talent, and devotion to building better futures for those in need. Some of the organizations we partner with can be utilized for all three pillars.

  • In the Social Good Pillar, we collaborate with organizations such as Gleaner’s Food Bank, Salvation Army, Kentucky Refugee Ministries. Through their support, we provide access to vital resources and empower community members to thrive, not just survive. We believe in helping our neighbors with their basic needs, such as housing and mental health services, to ensure they have the foundation to build a better life.
  • The Skill Enhancement Pillar represents our partnerships with organizations like Project Azul, Employ Indy, and Indy Reads. Together, we provide support to individuals facing language barriers and those in need of licensing certifications or other skills necessary for employment. By bridging the gap to employment and investing in the growth of our neighbors, we contribute to the betterment of our community and increase the overall quality of life for individuals and their families.
  • The Service Pillar reflects our partnerships with organizations such as Exodus Refugee, Project Stepping Stone, and Shepherd Community Center. These partnerships allow us to actively engage with our community and make a difference through acts of service. Volunteering opportunities provided by these organizations enable us to serve several communities, touching lives and offering immediate support where it’s most needed.

At Morales Group, our dedication to service extends beyond our day-to-day operations. We believe that by giving back and investing in our communities, we create a positive ripple effect that uplifts everyone. If looking to learn more about how Morales Group works to better our communities, visit our website at

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