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Everything You Need to Know About Temporary Labor

Jobs 02.22.22 Morales Group

What is temporary labor?

In the era of hustle culture, gig work, and remote jobs, temporary labor has worked its way into every corner of how we operate in society. Temporary work or Temp. work is a job with a time limit, it is not usually meant to be a forever job with dedicated paths to career improvement or promotion. This kind of work is generally used as a stepping stone to a more permanent career or to pass the time and pay the bills. In this article, we will go over what kind of temporary jobs there are, how to acquire temporary work, what jobs are worth your time, and how to use temporary labor to find better jobs in the future.

There is a multitude of different types of temporary jobs, some employers are companies, NGOs, families, freelance clients, charities, and more. Examples of temporary labor services are:

  • Internships
  • Work Exchange Programs (exchange labor for housing, food, and/or payment)
  • Customer Service
  • Consulting
  • Programer
  • Tutor or Babysitter
  • Freelancer (a client pays you for a service, usually during a dedicated time frame laid out beforehand)
  • Driver/Food Delivery Person (people who work on apps like Uber or DoorDash are usually temporary workers)
  • Seasonal worker (examples of seasonal work include a summer camp counselor, snow shoveling business, or cruise worker)

That is what’s so great about temporary work, there are so many different kinds of opportunities that include such a wide variety of skill sets. This means that everyone can find temporary jobs that will fit their own skill set so they can make money quickly and efficiently. There are many more examples of temporary labor jobs and employers. However, sometimes finding good temporary jobs that pay well can be hard to find. That’s why we wrote this guide to help you out.

High-Skill Set, Well-Paying Temporary Jobs that Pay Well.

Well-paying is subjective, what is enough money for you isn’t going be the same for a mother that provides for five children. That said good temporary jobs that pay very well compared to other forms of temporary work, are often jobs that require a specific, high valued skill set. Some of the best employers for these types of temporary labor include companies like Pfizer, United Airlines, WordPress, and many more. Examples of jobs that require a high-value skill set that is not easily accessible and require more time and financial investment:

  • Software Engineer:

– $99,500 average salary, bachelor’s degree required, 22% job growth potential.

  • Accountant:

– $50,500 average salary, knowledge in auditing, taxes, and examining financial records are generally required. 7% job growth.

  • Editor

– 47,600 average salary, a degree in journalism, or extensive experience editing is required. 5% job growth.

Accessible Temporary Labor That Pays Well

Not everyone has the time or financial ability to go to a university for four years in order to attain a high-value skill set. Fortunately doesn’t have to be a problem when looking for temporary work that still pays well. Jobs that don’t require a high-value skill set, does not mean that your skill isn’t valuable or high paying it just means that it costs you less money to attain those specific skills. However, it may take more time and effort to build trust and experience with your skillset in order to get to the average salary of that job. This is a more accessible route to well-paying temp. work and could potentially lead to successful self-employment in the future.

Examples of more accessible temporary work include:

  • Customer Service Representative: $33,000 average salary.
  • Graphic Designer: $47,000 average salary.
  • Online Tutor: $43,000 average salary.
  • Virtual Assistant: $19 per/hour average pay.
  • Translator: $46,000 average salary

How To Find Good Temporary Labor

Financially satisfying temporary work can be found almost everywhere. Whether you are looking for temporary jobs in Hawaii with housing or temporary labor jobs near Texas, the internet has an abundance of quality opportunities waiting for your application. Online job sites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and ZipRecruiter all have a mass database of employers requesting temporary labor services. Jobs can be found based on location and you can apply certain filters to get the results you want. Applying to jobs on these sites is also easy and fast.

For freelancers use sites like LinkedIn to find companies directly and build your networking contacts. Want potential clients to find you? Have the work come to you by putting the skills you offer up for hire on sites like UpWork, Fiverr, Bunny Studios, and more.

Once you have gotten enough temporary work and have built your freelancing career or have found a career path you would like to take it is time to update your resume and take your work to the next step. Then apply for higher-paying temporary work, start your own business, or attain a permanent position at a company.

Jobs 02.22.22 Morales Group