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Finding a Temp Labor Services For Your Business

Recruiting 09.28.21 Morales Group

What Are Temp Labor Services?

Temp labor services are special programs that allow clients with businesses to benefit from hiring employees on for a limited time rather than permanently. Through temp service programs, companies receive help during peak times when business is good and more workers are needed. When a company presents their staffing needs to a temp agency, the agency in turn will screen qualified applicants and sent out their resumes or their applications.

Who Benefits From Temp Labor Services?

Both the company and the employee benefit from temp labor services. Each have a need to fill which can be provided through a temp agency.

Companies benefit in a few ways. For one, hiring temp workers is an excellent way to save money on training and paying out employee benefits. This was a practice that began sometime in the 1980s as a recession hit the country and businesses and corporations began downsizing their staff in an effort to maintain operating costs. They were also starting to redo infrastructure and become more flexible at the dawn of the 1990s as economic circumstances grew tighter and the U.S. job market became increasingly competitive. In short, temp agencies existed to keep companies afloat as they were struggling to survive a major economic shift.

But it wasn’t just companies that benefitted from the services that temp agencies were able to provide. Employees reaped their own advantages as well. Those who were new to the job market soon gained an edge in earning experience by utilizing temp agencies to share their skills while acquiring new ones.

Consider someone who just earned a college degree who is looking for work that would allow them to use their education for the first time. The job market may not be very receptive to them because they lack experience in their chosen field. Since most companies are looking to save money, they may find that hiring someone who lacks experience is financially risky and might not be so willing to make that bet. And that’s where temp labor services can help. They can hire on a short-term or a long-term basis, but much depends on demand and worker need.

Other workers who benefit from using temp labor services are working mothers, current college students, and people who are on disability and are looking for supplemental income to offset their benefits. Others who enjoy freedom and flexibility can benefit as well. Even those who are looking for a new career change can gain an edge when it comes to experience in a brand new field. Temp labor services is another way to learn as you earn without having to commit to a single company right away.

Temp workers have the power to decide on an assignment and set their own work schedule. They can choose work assignments that match with their likes and their skill sets and can opt for something that allows them the flexibility to not have to worry about weekends or holidays if they choose not to. They can also spice up their resumes by adding extra experience so that they can stand a better chance at landing their dream job.

Filling Temporary Need for Companies

Both the manufacturing and professional sectors often have seasons where there is temporary need. What this means is that they may have employees who are out on extended sick leave, who are on vacation, or who have quit. This is a good place for temp workers to come in and fill the open positions until someone can be hired in on a permanent basis.

Another reason that temp labor services is needed is when companies have major projects that might last for weeks or months. But when the demand for goods and services gets high, there is a need to fill the labor gap to keep up with that demand. When temporary workers are hired, they help improve business revenue by boosting production rates. They are considered an asset to any company and will provide growth in the years to come.

Now that the pros of using temp labor services have been listed, it’s time to list some potential downsides. There are a few that both workers and businesses should be fully aware of.

Recruiting 09.28.21 Morales Group