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Fulfillment Jobs – A Necessary Job in Supply Chain Management

Recruiting 09.28.21 Morales Group
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The movement of goods and packages has rapidly increased in the last few years. Once the exclusive domain of large corporates and companies, the receiving of a package has reached the levels of us mere mortals in our incessant purchasing of products from online stores. The advent of Covid has burdened the supply chain management system further.

It is therefore of utmost importance that the goods we receive be intended for us and not someone else. This essential job function is performed by a fulfillment associate working from a large warehouse who handles the logistics of getting inventory from the fulfillment center to a central location or to the end-user. Thanks in large part to fulfillment jobs near me and you that we are spared agonizing hours dealing with customer services trying to get the correct items delivered to a specific address with specialized instructions being followed precisely or if all else fails to get a refund. This does not solve the problem as we are still without the product we require or desire. So, whichever way we look at it, a fulfillment job near me and you always needs to be filled by receiving, processing, and shipping goods within the desired timeframe to the satisfaction of all concerned.

But is this a career path that is suited for you and do you have the qualifications necessary? The most often requirement for a fulfillment job is a high school diploma or a GED certificate though this is not always the case. Physically you should have the strength and stamina to lug large packages for long hours while standing. Knowledge of logistics software and hardware is not required if starting out. Traits that you should possess is being organized, detail-oriented, and possess strong customer service skills to ensure that the correct products are being shipped out to retailers and personal customers to avoid returns. An often-cited requirement for safety reasons is the need to be older than 18 with the ability to read and speak English.

Intrigued read on. If you like a fast-paced physically active position that gets you bending, lifting, and hauling to get orders for goods delivered with a high focus on safety and health then fulfillment is the way to go for you. The perks are a competitive wage or salary of $12/hr or ranging from $16,500 to $33,000 /year with varied benefits, great supervisors and co-workers, a wonderful work environment, and a reliable paycheck. Starting as a fulfillment associate means that the potential for career development exists so that your career path can be towards operations, HR, or any other suitable field.

If you’ve notched up a few years in fulfillment and have made your way up the ladder with communication, leadership, analytical and management skills not to forget that you’ve churned away at the books to get a bachelor’s degree or higher in business, marketing or communication (though this is not always necessary), you may be enticed to apply for fulfillment jobs near me as a supervisor or manager. Your resume may boast logistics, continuous improvement, and order management so consider a job in retail or in technology to get those packages moving. The pay is not that bad too. At $35.38/ hr you bring in around $73, 587/ yr, and if you really are top tier as much as $123, 000/yr. With a growth rate of 6% over the next decade and over 150,600 job openings across the U.S, you are heading skyward. Some of the best paying cities for you as a fulfillment manager are New York, NY, Windsor, CA, and Reston, VA. The demographics for fulfillment manager jobs is 59% male, 36.4% female with an ethnicity makeup of 72.2% being white, 13.3% being Latino or Hispanic, and 6.1% being Asian.

Know one thing though that where you start from is not necessarily where you are going to end up regardless of all the stats that are thrown at you. Hard work, perseverance, and grit can get you from offloading trucks, figuring out orders with general and special instructions, locating goods, packing goods for ships, and at times receiving returned merchandise where you hone critical skills such as planning, communication, problem-solving, delegation and time management to being a Vice President Operation Management in 10 to 15 years.

If this gets you excited then apply as a matter of urgency to get your career trajectory up where it needs to be to one of the fulfillment jobs near me openings

Recruiting 09.28.21 Morales Group