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Digital media and advertising is sexy, and I won’t deny that. Returns are high and the attention of consumers and potential clients are still available at a low cost, but as the advertising space is getting more and more crowded, how are you making Johnny and Sally want to stop mid scroll and click on your ad and interact with your business? Even better, how are you going to get people stepping away from technology to interact with your business?


Why, might you ask? Consumers are continuously being inundated with more ad’s, more content, and more information than ever before. People are continuing to step away from social and digital media and experience life like it’s 1995. Branding allows your business to become the household name with your consumers. Your brand becomes so synonymous with your customers that you simply roll off their tongues with the simplicity of their favorite Starbucks order.

Sounds good. I’ll take three venti iced caramel lattes, please.

Wait, how do I do this branding thing, anyway?

Be authentic. Authenticity is undefeated just like the amount of calories you ate for Thanksgiving. Authenticity never changes, never gets old. People don’t want to experience some perfected, crafted version of your organization. People want to see the real you and learn what your organization is truly about. Don’t try and be the Instagram model on the discover page, be the organization that goes rogue and doesn’t wear any makeup. Being different makes you stand out.

LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and whatever the next thing is; are the perfect locations to start shedding the light on your organizations team and culture. Better yet: yourself as leader. I know, I know. Being vulnerable hurts. But sometimes you have to stand in the ring and take a few punches from Ivan Drago, or run up those famous Philadelphia stairs hundreds, dare I say, thousands, of times to hang in and win the fight.

It’s time to go play in traffic and take those punches.

So I ask you this: is your organization going to step up to the plate and hit a brand home run while the opportunities are present, or are you going to sit back and strike out looking?

Culture 04.21.20