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We were tasked with filling the need for 1,000 teammates at the Walmart Plainfield E-commerce facility. This challenge was made even harderĀ  through the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. This caused us to develop a new method for recruiting and delivering people in a safe and timely manner.


In order to meet the quick turnaround time from the Walmart facility during the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to completely shift our business model. We created, developed, and launched an entire digital recruiting process that allows us to recruit, hire, and place teammates in as little as 48 hours. Our digital recruiting process allowed us to provide Walmart with 400 people within a single week of launching our virtual recruitment process, setting new recruitment standards.

As we have continued to optimize the virtual recruitment process, our teams have been able to consistently provide 400 or more teammates each week. Our optimization has allowed us to improve consistency in our hiring by lowering times to the client site and ensuring that our teammates are good matches to the environments they will work. Having a recruiting process that relies on individuals coming to an office location leads to slower hiring, processing, and training.

While many staffing agencies can promise to bring you hundreds of teammates a week, their models for doing so are largely slow and outdated. Our virtual hiring process allows us to be on the cutting-edge of the staffing game as the first agency to offer a virtual hiring process. We can provide quality candidates that fit the needs of your warehouse in a faster, more modern, and more efficient manner.

Case Study 04.03.20