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Preparing your company for the future is one of the best things you can do as a leader in your organization. Preparing for the future allows you to stay ahead of the curve for the unknown things that are going to happen out of your control. Take the COVID-19 crisis. No leader or person, no matter how futuristic or forward thinking they are, could predict it would happen. Many leaders were quick to react and knew how to handle these unknown situations due to one simple reason: preparation.

When times are good leaders should be studying and learning how to build for the future. but how can you proactively learn the ins and outs of different industries?


  1. Study

One of the easiest ways for people to learn is to set aside time to study. Studying doesn’t mean you have to spend hours researching a topic, although you can, it’s more effective to read books, articles, and newsletters on the topics that are essential to your business and future business goals. Making this part of your busy schedule can be hard, so it’s important to either start your day a few minutes early to read a newsletter or block off some time during your day to accomplish these tasks. On top of blocking off time, be sure to take advantage of the dead space throughout your day. These are times like riding in the car, walking around the office, sitting at your desk while completing simple tasks, or answering emails. Instead of doing things the traditional way, also be sure to take advantage of audio resources like audible, and other digital platforms to make digesting the content easy on your own timeframe.

  1. Connection

This might be one of the most forgotten options as leaders continue to get busy working in their industry. Take time to talk to other industry leaders along with looking to people who work in industries that are forward thinking. Some of these industries are tech companies, investors, or venture studios. Each of these individuals are the boots on the ground in their respective industries which often requires for them to always be thinking about the, ‘what’s next.’ The ideas and knowledge you’ll gain from meeting with these knowledgeable business leaders will help you stay ahead of what is to come in the future, along with giving you innovative ideas that are essential to building a successful business.

  1. Events/Webinars

Events and webinars are the perfect ways for you to stay looking forward. At most conferences, events, and webinars they are talking about the ideas and topics of the future and the success points that can be derived from implementation. Events and webinars are meant to be inspiration for you to understand how to build your business and the tactics required to do so. Events also give you the opportunity to meet and network with individuals from across the globe. You can meet with forward thinking business leaders and gain insights on how they are staying ahead in their industry. Talking to other leaders is the best way for you to stay ahead.

No matter what route you go, making sure you as the leader of your business take the time to think about what’s next is important to your business’ health and future. Be sure you are taking the time to explore available opportunities before you find yourself reacting to what’s happening without any strategies in place.

Culture 04.21.20