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You’re couch surfing like a champ when you see a strange number appear on your phone. You decide to answer against your better judgment as a cautious hello slips from your lips and quickly turns to surprise as the hiring manager for the dream job you applied for requests an interview. Fearing coming across as too excited, you respond with a tame yes. As soon as the call ends, fear over the dreaded interview Q&A sets in.

Like any smart person, you quickly Google interview question guides and stumble upon the perfect article from, you guessed it, the place you applied!

Without further ado, here our some tips to help you land that dream job.

P.S. our interview question template will help you prep to knock the socks off the interviewer, find it here.

       1. Use stories to support your thoughts

Let your prior experiences be the reasoning behind what you say. Every experience has some application to an interview. If this is your first professional interview, let your side job, or other project experience be the guide.

      2. Let your personality shine

Whomever is interviewing you knows your past experiences; sure, they ask you about them, but the interviewer is looking to get to know your personality. Your personality fit with the job is one of, if not the, most important keys to getting hired. Be yourself and don’t think you need to be something different.

     3. Ask good questions

You want to know something specific about this job? Good, ask! Interviewers love when the person comes loaded with relevant questions, it shows you care and are interested in the job at hand.

    4. Take time to think

You’re deep into the interview and the interviewer asks you what color M&M you want to be. Your mind starts racing as you have no idea how to answer. Take a deep breath, and think. Take your few moments to not only identify an initial response, but come back with a reason for your answer. The interviewer wants a thoughtful answer, so don’t let a few moments of silence scare you into rushing some response that you wish you could take back.

Boom! Now you’re ready to conquer your next interview head on and get that dream job. Have more questions? Email us: 

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