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Is Your Office in Westeros? Your Colleagues are these Game of Thrones Characters

Culture 06.07.19

Game of Thrones may take place in Westeros, but the show’s characters aren’t limited to the fantasy genre — you see them every day in your colleagues at work. Curious what Game of Thrones character the ruthless glint in your cubicle neighbor’s eye reminds you of? Maybe the flawless work of your company fremesis gets you thinking about a certain HBO hit show (Game of Thrones..hint, hint). Read on to discover which of your co-workers can seamlessly mix into Westeros’ top houses. P.S. If you want to avoid being one of these possibly, not so great types, check out our tips on employee engagement, here.

Jon Snow: the Grumpy Boss

Jon Snow, Game of Thrones characters as colleagues

We all have this one person on the team. You know, the one who gets the biggest gift at the Christmas party and still can’t crack a smile. Sometimes these people aren’t the best, but other times they play a key role on the team by knowing when to speak. Plus, when you’re busy saving the world, they are busy doing the dirty work behind the scenes.

Daenerys Targaryen: the Young Manager

Daenerys, Game of Thrones characters as colleagues

Ahh, the young manager. The one who ruthlessly fought their way to their position regardless of who they hurt along the way. These people are often hated by those around them (GASP, even you!). These young go-getters are perfect at getting things done no matter the cost and will fight for what they think is right… sometimes to their own downfall. While you might not be the happiest with them, they are key in helping you and the team find success in the trenches and helping push the team into the future.

Arya Stark: the Young, Hyper-Focused Talent

Arya Stark, Game of Thrones characters as colleagues

These young guns are so deep into the grind they lose sight of what’s going on around them. They see something they want and push themselves to achieve that goal regardless of what is sacrificed along the way. They will crush you at the first chance they get — after all, they care more about themselves than anyone else on planet Earth (or… Westeros. Wherever your branch is based). These people are on the up-and-up but haven’t been able to break that threshold. But, as your co-worker, now is the time to make allies with someone who could help you to the top. On the other hand, if you find yourself pushing their buttons, expect to find yourself at the bottom of the pile when push comes to shove.

Bran Stark: the Spacey Visionary

Bran Stark, Game of Thrones characters as colleagues

Ever wanted to see the future? Duh, of course you have. Lucky for you, your team likely has someone who is so focused on what’s to come, they don’t seem human. These lovely humans are so strategic and big-pictured that details might as well be pointless. They are in serious need of people to pick up their slack. You might hate helping them find success, but riding the train to the top of the mountain is a quick way to find that career boost you wanted. Next time you’re frustrated at how the person next to you is living in 2050 while you live in 2019, remember they might see something you haven’t yet.

Cersei Lannister: the Powerful but Terrifying Executive

Cersei Lannister, Game of Thrones characters as colleagues

The big bad wolf — yeah, the one who sits in the big fancy office and runs the show. These people seem to be in a league of their own with money, power and control. They definitely sit at home at night reading your internet history for the day, so you better be all business, all the time. They find themselves with a mix of skills but sit above the battlefield and survey… because they can. Don’t expect anything but tough love and a push to the edge of what you think you’re capable. If you happen to befriend a Cersei, you probably are going to be lucky in your career. Get on their bad side? Nice knowing you. So pick your poison: join the dark side to the top, or stay where you are, buckle up, and hope for the best!


Culture 06.07.19