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The world of work is changing. In the past, people would have a single job for their entire lives. Nowadays, many people have to juggle several different jobs to make ends meet. This juggling can be tough on families and relationships, but it’s an unavoidable reality of life today.

One job that has become increasingly popular in recent years is labor-intensive industrial jobs (or light industrial jobs). These positions require workers with specialized skills like welding or carpentry, but they don’t need much training or education to get started.

You might not think about this type of job if you’re looking for something permanent, but temporary positions like these could be just what you’re looking for.


Welding is one of many light industrial jobs that is currently in demand. This type of job is particularly popular with factories that are expanding, but you can also find it in other types of businesses.

Welders are responsible for using cutting torches to join pieces of metal together. Because this process is both time-consuming and dangerous, most companies will require their workers to have certification before hiring them.

It’s also vital that welders work well with others since they’ll typically be working in teams on large projects.


Another popular light industrial job is carpentry. This position requires workers with a few different skills, including doing some basic math and reading blueprints.

Like welding jobs, these types of positions are often temporary ones that you can find at factories or other businesses where construction work needs to get done quickly.

You might also find carpentry jobs at construction sites where they need someone to build structures on site.

Forklift Operators

Another light industrial job is that of a forklift operator. These types of positions usually have entry-level workers and require little training to get started.

While your skills will need to match the needs of the company you work for, generally speaking, most companies prefer candidates who have prior experience or some certification in this area.

Distribution Personnel

Distribution personnel jobs are another popular light industrial position. These positions combine the skills and responsibilities that many people have in their current roles, such as driving a forklift or working on an assembly line.

These jobs typically pay well and offer plenty of opportunities for advancement if you’re interested in moving up within your company. However, you’ll also have to be able to work well with others, especially if you’re working in a team setting.

Auto Mechanic

Another popular light industrial job is that of an auto mechanic. These types of positions are typically full-time and require a high school diploma or GED at minimum. Still, many employers will prefer candidates who have some certification in this area as well.

While you’ll need to work with your hands and pay attention to detail, you’ll also need to have good people skills since many of your customers will be other drivers on the road.

You can find auto mechanic jobs at car dealerships, repair shops, and even some manufacturing plants producing their cars or parts for other vehicles.


Finally, foremen are another type of light industrial position. These positions require workers to manage other employees in the plant (or wherever they’re working).

While you can find these jobs in many different industries, most companies will prefer candidates who have prior experience in this area and some certification or degree that makes them stand out from other candidates.

If you have the necessary skills and experience, these types of positions are great for people who want to move up within their company or eventually start their own business one day.

What is Light Industrial Staffing?

If you’re looking for temporary jobs like these, don’t forget to check out light industrial staffing agencies. These types of organizations can help match your skills and interests with the right opportunities in your area.

Light industrial staff agencies are also a great resource if you’re trying to find something that fits around other commitments you have, such as school or family.

Some of these agencies dedicate their time to providing flexible jobs that can accommodate parents with young children or other dependents who need special care on a more regular basis. So, this is one way you can improve your quality of life without sacrificing essential activities like work and school.

It would help if you looked up ‘light industrial jobs near me’ or ‘light industrial staffing agencies near me’ on any search engine; that will make it easier to connect to employers.

Conclusively, there are many different types of light industrial jobs that you can find in your area. When looking for these positions, it’s also a good idea to contact staffing agencies that can help match you with the right opportunities and ensure you’re working within an environment where you will appreciate your skills.

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