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Morales Group Wins Diversity & Inclusion HR Impact Award


Our Morales Group Human Resources team has been honored with the esteemed HR Impact Award by the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ) for our unwavering commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within our organization and throughout our clients’ networks.

For those of you who may not be familiar, IBJ is a reputable local business publication that covers a wide range of industries in and around Indianapolis. Among its various initiatives, IBJ hosts an annual HR Impact awards event, recognizing outstanding HR teams and individuals who have gone above and beyond to create and maintain exceptional workplaces. This event celebrates the efforts of organizations from all sectors, including agencies, companies, and non-profits, with different categories like Employee Experience and Training & Development. This year, we are immensely proud to be acknowledged as recipients of the prestigious IBJ HR Impact Award in the coveted Diversity & Inclusion category.

Our CEO, Seth Morales, emphasized the vital importance of diversity, stating, “One of our core pillars of differentiation is diversity.” This sentiment resonates deeply within our company, and it’s a driving force behind our ongoing efforts to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

Embracing Diversity from the Start

Since our humble beginnings, diversity and inclusion have been integral to the fabric of Morales Group. We take immense pride in the diverse makeup of our corporate offices, with a remarkable 85% representing diverse backgrounds. Among our contractors, this number rises even higher, to an impressive 90%. Our workforce comprises individuals from an astounding 38 different countries, speaking 14 unique languages, enriching our culture and fostering innovation.

A Commitment to Growth: The Morales Group Approach

Our dedication to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) does not stop at numbers; it’s ingrained in our company’s ethos. We have implemented a comprehensive approach to ensure continuous progress in this vital area. Our staff members have access to a series of specialized courses that cover unconscious bias, effective communication skills, and DEI-focused hiring, recruiting, and sourcing strategies. By equipping our team with these essential tools and knowledge, we nurture a harmonious and open-minded workplace that embraces the strengths of every individual.

Our HR Teammates

None of this would be possible without the relentless efforts of our HR team. Today, we want to give a heartfelt shoutout to the amazing individuals who have worked tirelessly to champion diversity and inclusion at Morales Group. Special recognition goes to Monique Charlebois, our VP of Human Resources and Culture, and Cynthia Hobbs, our Associate Director of Community Impact. Their dedication and passion have been instrumental in driving our DEI initiatives forward.

Celebrating HR Impact

We also extend our warmest congratulations to all the other well-deserving winners of this year’s HR Impact Awards. Together, we are making a positive difference in our workplaces and communities. It is inspiring to see HR professionals like us leading the way.

As we continue on this journey of growth and understanding, we look forward to new opportunities to further enhance diversity and inclusion within Morales Group and beyond. We firmly believe that fostering an inclusive environment not only empowers our employees but also drives innovation and success.

Remember, diversity makes us strong, and inclusion brings us closer. Together, we can achieve greatness.

Culture 06.25.23