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Tom Morales announces new joint venture to bring seasoned skilled workers to US companies

Finding dependable IT staffing professionals—experienced, reliable, and responsive—to fill your open positions can be a time-consuming and difficult task. That’s why Morales Group is excited to announce that Tom Morales, our CEO and co-founder, has started a new joint venture designed to help companies in the US close the gap between their technical needs and IT professionals.

Amplify is a collaboration between Tom and Projeto Major, an IT staffing company based in San Paulo, Brazil. Utilizing nearshoring to cross geographical divides, Amplify focuses on staffing talented IT professionals and project developers who can help companies develop, maintain, and improve applications and systems.

What makes it unique? Amplify features a core team of engineers and project managers based in Indianapolis and a support group of experienced developers and engineers based in San Paulo.


What is nearshoring?

Nearshoring has the potential to revolutionize IT and staffing in Indiana, according to Tom and the Amplify team. As a more convenient, efficient outsourcing solution, nearshoring means IT providers remain in a location close to the area they’re servicing. Your developers, engineers, and IT professionals are in the same time zone, eliminating project delays and inefficiencies that come from managing team members on different schedules. Need to have meetings at key stages of a project? No problem!

Nearshoring through Brazil provides extra benefits for American businesses because it not only has the same time zone as Indiana, but it also has a similar work/life culture and workers who share the same language and corporate culture.  Plus, the country boasts 1.5 million highly-trained IT professionals, with more entering the market every day. This opens up an entirely new workforce to companies in the US and makes it easier than ever to find experienced IT professionals.


How do I learn more?

To find out how you can start filling your open positions with Amplify, visit the Amplify website today, or contact Moa Feldenheimer at (317) 954-1159. You can also email Moa at

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Recruiting 04.19.18