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New Year, New Chapter for Morales Group; Longtime Advisory Board-member Kevin Charlebois Named COO

News 01.11.21 Morales Group
For Morales Group, January doesn’t just kick off the calendar year. The month traditionally marks a season of new beginnings for the company’s leadership.

The first month last year 2020 marked the succession of Seth Morales into the Chief Executive Officer role, beginning the second generation of family leadership. Today, the company kicks off 2021 with another exciting transition as seasoned executive leader Kevin Charlebois is named Chief Operating Officer.

Charlebois comes to Morales Group with over 30 years of experience in transportation, logistics, and manufacturing, as well as a lengthy executive pedigree. He most recently served over five years as President of Tennessee firm Milan Supply Chain Solutions, with a shining track record of innovative growth and operational success.

“I’m deeply committed to the mission of the company,” Charlebois said. “I look forward to helping lead and transform the business to reach new heights.”

Charlebois is ready to hit the ground running from his launchpad as a three-year Morales Group advisory board member and volunteer on the company’s annual home builds in Mexico. His debut as Morales Group’s COO simply marks formally joining the team in a more direct capacity.

“We crawled, walked, and now are finally running with Kevin,” CEO Seth Morales commented on the natural transition.

The Ohio State grad has not only held director roles for FedEx, but Charlebois also served as president of multiple transportation and logistics companies. This wealth of strategic and operational experience declares a promising fit for Morales Group’s future goals.

“Great CEOs look up and out. Great COOs look down and in,” Seth Morales said. “It’s the partnership of their perspectives that make great companies.”

News 01.11.21 Morales Group