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To most, November and December are known as the holiday season, but if you work in warehousing or logistics, you know it better as peak season. While peak season in this industry happens every year, this year we have seen a significant uptick in e-commerce which includes new companies, products, and buying processes. The COVID 19 pandemic accelerated the growth of e-commerce by 32% for many companies, allowing online shoppers to purchase needed items from the safety of their homes, putting pressure on fulfillment and warehouse facilities to pivot their businesses to adjust to increased online orders.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated warehouse employment surpassed pre-pandemic numbers to the highest level ever recorded this year, meaning warehouse leadership must go through a more rigorous process of hiring qualified talent to fill their open positions and keep their production goals on target. Every-increasing gig economy jobs paired with a global pandemic has made it difficult to find quality talent to keep businesses running smoothly. Morales Group Staffing can provide staffing solutions to get you the quality talent at the time you need it most. We can remove the recruiting burden, help you reduce your turnover, and match your positions with the highest quality candidates to help you meet your goals.

Morales Group Staffing has been building better futures one story at a time since 2003. We have successfully placed closed to 200,000 talented individuals throughout our locations in Indiana, Kentucky, Texas, and North Carolina. Morales Group Staffing have various staffing solutions to get you not only through your peak seasons, but to keep your production running smoothly all year long. Our staffing solutions include top talent for your warehouse, light industrial, or manufacturing positions, along with skilled labor, direct hire, professional serves and our managed workforce model, Acción Performance. Our staffing solutions will match our top-quality candidates to your open positions to get you the perfect candidates every time. We believe in a people strategy that is transformational, not transactional. We want to help your business grow.

Utilizing our staffing solutions won’t just get you the results you need, but you will know exactly how you got there. We evaluate every metric as an essential piece to optimize your people strategy. Our staffing solutions bring a diverse pool of untapped, quality talent in what can seem to be a time of candidate shortage. We can provide a diverse and bilingual integration to your production lines along with implementing team leads and even supervisors, to free up your own team to work on your core functions. Our staffing solutions come with a thorough, vetted screening process where our experienced recruiters conduct in-depth interviews with each candidate. We can also provide various skills testing to ensure your candidates meet the demands of your open positions and can hit the ground running once they start.

Our Acción Performance division is one of our most unique pieces to our staffing solutions list. Our embedded supply chain model was created to take non-core pieces off your plate so you can focus on what your company does best. No matter the industry, our Acción Performance staffing solutions enhance your efficiencies and reduce your labor costs. Our team can quickly assemble, equip, and deliver the perfect team to keep your production on target, freeing your internal team to accomplish other key tasks. We can tailor our staffing solutions around your unique business needs with services such as kitting and assembly, shrink wrapping, labeling and stickering, quality inspection, sortation, repack and rework, display building, and more, all with a team we provide, along with an experience leader to manage that workforce.

In addition to providing staffing solutions through quality talent to help meet the demands of your business in busy season, we understand the peaks and valleys that come with your production needs. We can help with staffing solutions for your temporary labor needs during peak, with recommended salary adjustments for individuals seeking seasonal work, help with creative shift hours, implementing retention or referral incentives, optimizing job descriptions, or providing you with wage analyses and industry data to ensure you are on par with local competitors and national and local benchmarks. Our staffing solutions don’t stop once the employees reach their first day with you. We will partner with you to ensure all touchpoints of your goals are being met from the time you first start forecasting to maintaining your increased workforce. We are dedicated to remove the stress of growing and maintaining your workforce so you can focus on your core business and meeting your goals. So, whether you are seeking a handful of employees to complete a project in your facility or ours, or you are gearing up for a booming fourth quarter, our staffing solutions are here to get you results through expertise, experience, and partnership.

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