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Picker Packer jobs are jobs typically found in a warehouse setting. Picker packers locate products from the warehouse inventory and prepare items for shipment to customers. Products are loaded onto conveyor belts where these items are moved to various parts of the distribution center, to be assembled, before being shipped to customers.

According to Zippa The Career Expert, there are currently 545 836 picker packers currently employed in the United States, and this number is climbing. The site further indicates that 51.7% of all picker packers are female and 42.8% are males. Furthermore, the average age of picker packers in the US is 40 years old with the states of Tennesee, Memphis, and Indiana being the top recruiters for this position.

Picker Packer Jobs Near Me

Candidates looking to get into the industry or change jobs should consider strategy, as this position could potentially lead to a management role. Working with a career goal in mind could help candidates narrow down the search to find the ideal position and company. There are various factors to be considered when applying for a picker packer job:

1. Warehouse size

Picker packers typically work in a warehouse facility. These facilities, depending on the operation, could either be small, medium, or large. The size of the operation will affect the specific job requirements, qualifications, and potential for advancement. Working in smaller facilities means that the candidate will take on more duties while larger facilities require employees to focus on a specific function.

Teamwork plays a large role in bigger warehouses where candidates often have to interact and exchange information during the course of operations. While the same can be said about small and medium warehouses, concerning teamwork and communication, there is less possibility for miscommunication as prospective employees work in smaller teams.

2. Career advancement and training

Larger operations often have the funding required to offer candidates additional on-the-job training such as leadership training, communication training, and organizational training. Upskilling in a job is a necessity when the goal of the candidate is to move up the ranks into a more senior role.

Some organizations will even offer to pay for tertiary education if it is in line with the current position of the employee. This would include operations management, manufacturing management, logistics, or a certificate in warehouse operations. Knowing in advance which companies place a high emphasis on training and development could help narrow the search for employment, considerably.

Candidates can query the organization’s policy on training and development through Human Resources representatives. Companies that offer education and training opportunities often have set policies in place such as, recruiting from within.

3. Stress

Warehouse work can be very stressful as a certain amount of quotas need to be met hourly. Additionally, this job demands longer shifts and a faster pace of work during the holiday season. These factors contribute to the stress level of employees.

The larger the warehouse, the more stress will be associated with the work. This is due to the sheer volume of inventory that is moved at any given time. Smaller facilities tend to have less stress associated with the job, however, there is still a fair amount of stress due to increased duties.

The candidate’s ability to cope under pressure will play a substantial role in deciding to work for a bigger or smaller facility.

4. Company Name and Industry

Part of the employment search is identifying which industry the candidate has a preference for. Logistics, manufacturing, and retail industry are excellent industries to focus on during the job search, for a picker packer position.

Larger more well-known companies tend to offer more job security and have sound working policies and procedures in place. Companies like Amazon, Scentsy, Mars, and Nike rank as some of the top organizations to work for in this position.

5. Company Policies and Procedures

Opting to work for a more organized company means that the required policies and procedures will be in place, such as complying with OSHA, career advancement policy, policies on training, development, and career advancement etc.

Various platforms can be accessed to find employment as a picker packer:

  • Indeed
  • Craigslist
  • LinkedIn
  • Recruitment websites
  • Glassdoor
  • Zippa

Another avenue to consider when searching for a picker packer Job:

  • Networking
  • Cold calling
  • Headhunters and recruiters
  • Job fairs
  • Referrals
  • Job boards

When searching, Picker Packer jobs near me, candidates should be mindful of their short, medium, and long-term career goals. Getting into the right company, with the right benefits is crucial when candidates aim to progress in this field. This is a fast-paced job and completing orders, quickly, accurately, and with a sense of urgency, is paramount in being successful as a picker packer.

Apart from narrowing the job search down, candidates should focus on promoting the soft skills required to be successful as a picker packer. These include time management, attention to detail, working well under pressure, organizational skills, numerical skills, a sense of urgency, as well as being a self-starter.

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