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Recognizing World Refugee Day: What is it + How Can You Take Action?

Every year, thousands are forced to flee their homes due to conflict or persecution. In the past year alone, the UN Refugee Agency reported a staggering 114 million forced displacements worldwide. At Morales Group, we recognize the importance of protecting and supporting refugees. World Refugee Day gives us a chance to raise awareness on a larger scale.

World Refugee Day has been observed globally since June 20, 2001. It commemorates the 1951 Refugee Convention, which defines refugee status and outlines their rights and protections. Today, we honor this legacy by advocating for refugees’ rights and ensuring they receive the essential support needed to thrive, not just survive.

Morales Group + Exodus Refugee Partnership

At Morales Group, our mission is to build better futures, one story at a time not just for our teammates but for the entire community.  To live out this mission, we host quarterly company-wide days of service, where our team steps out of the office and into the community to make a tangible difference.  These service days are a cornerstone of our commitment to giving back and creating positive change.

Beyond these events, we forge impactful partnerships, including with Exodus Refugee Immigration, which has empowered thousands of refugees in Indiana.  Our team actively supports this mission through volunteerism, advocacy, and participation in events like their Life Gala Ahead. Recently, we assisted at Exodus by assembling furniture, organizing donations, and tidying their warehouse. This firsthand experience deepened our understanding of Exodus’s vital role in supporting refugees’ resettlement in the United States. Together with organizations like Exodus, we aim to foster a welcoming community and support those in need.

Ways to Support Exodus Refugee

Exodus offers a wide range of comprehensive programs, such as healthcare, housing assistance, employment readiness, legal aid, and more. Fortunately, there are multiple avenues to support these specific initiatives as well as their broader mission of aiding refugees with resettlement needs and protecting their human rights. Here are several ways you can contribute:

Volunteer: Exodus strongly relies on volunteers to provide essential support to refugees. Opportunities include front desk coverage, teaching English or becoming a conversation partner, mentoring teens, tutoring, and much more.

Donate: Financial contributions are vital for sustaining the wide array of services Exodus provides. Additionally, there’s a need for donations of household items, furniture, toiletry items, and other essentials to aid in the resettlement process.

Raise Awareness and Advocate: While World Refugee Day highlights the needs of refugees globally, raising awareness locally is necessary year-round.  Using your voice to advocate for inclusive policies and educate others about the challenges refugees face can help raise awareness and help protect their rights.

At Morales Group, we are proud to support Exodus Refugee’s remarkable work in our community. To learn more about and support this important cause, visit Exodus Refugee. As we honor the resilience of refugees today and every day, we encourage you to join us in making a difference.

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