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Are you looking for staffing solutions in your area? Staffing solutions can either be candidates you need for the job assignment or maybe you are a candidate looking for an assignment. Morales Group Staffing is an incredible resource for staffing solutions and has many locations to choose from. Whether you are in Dallas Texas the Midwest or in Charlotte North Carolina, Morales Group Staffing will meet your staffing solution needs. It would serve you best to give them a call or find them online and start solving your staffing solutions today. 

For clients finding and obtaining quality workers, especially on short notice, can be a nightmare. That is where Morales Group Staffing comes in. Morales Group has a large pool of qualified and vetted employees ready to start working right away and anywhere. To begin the client process with Morales Group Staffing, you will start by making a phone call to our wonderful sales department. Our sales team is well versed in all details pertaining to client orders and needs. They will be able to provide you with all the information and a quote to begin your staffing solution with Morales Group Staffing.   

Your employees are our teammates. We treat them with care and will also provide them with the appropriate direction to begin working on the assignment you request.  This often includes orientation. These orientations are catered to your needs and will include all vital on the job details that your employees will need to successfully perform the daily on the job tasks. We take time during each orientation to make sure the teammates understand and resolve any questions at that time. We also provide thorough location and first day information including onsight contact and where to go for entry.  

For candidatesor as Morales Group refers to them, teammates, the staffing solution experience at Morales Group is one of a kind. To begin, prospective teammates can begin by either giving Morales Group a call, finding Morales Group online, or simply stopping by one of the many Morales Group offices. Once you enter a Morales Group office, you will notice the bright colors and cheery atmosphere. Our goal is to make your first visit with us a true welcome. You will be greeted by our amazing administrivia team. They will begin with asking you a few questions regarding employment, including, if you’ve ever worked for Morales Group and if you have brought your forms of ID along with you today.  They ask this, because in order to start your assignment quickly you need to bring your IDs. This helps them process your information and prepare you to begin work straightaway. Once that information is confirmed they will show you to our computer area. Here you will fill out an application. Our application generally takes between 5-10 minutes and you may ask our admin team for assistance at any time. We do ask that you remain off of your phone throughout the application process. This is to ensure privacy and also to help you quickly finish the process. Once your application is finished, you are ready to speak with our recruiters.  

Morales Group recruiters are trained to provide you with an excellent experience and the opportunities that best serve you. Morales Group recruiters take into consideration your pay, shift, and work experience need when looking at opportunities to give you. If you haven’t added those details into your application, the recruiter may ask you to please elaborate. Together, with the Morales Group recruiter you will go over all options and make a selection based on best fit. Once you confirm your interest, the recruiter will begin processing your information for placement. This will often include a background check and drug screen. Once they receive a good return for both you are officially ready to begin work. Our recruiter will give you details regarding your first day and any orientation information needed. This information will include what type of on-the-job equipment you may need. This will range from boots and gloves to hats and even earbuds. You may ask any questions pertaining to onsight privialages at this time as well. For example, you may want to know if earbuds for listening to music are acceptable. Some of our clients do permit that and our recruiter will let you know if that is the case for your assignment.  

There is no question that Morales Group Staffing provides the best in staffing solutions. From how Morales Group treats their teammates to how Morales Group makes your company needs a priority, they continue to stand out in the staffing solutions industry. You could take a chance with another agency, but why risk your time or your companies time?  Whether client or teammate, make the right call by calling Morales Group Staffing with your staffing solution needs today.  

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