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Temp Agency

Morales Group is your temp agency partner with you through the whole recruitment journey.

You’re not alone.

You were hired for a specific reason – to hit your production numbers. You can impact on your company’s success, but only if you can overcome against a constant barrage of obstacles ranging from productivity to turnover. Having a staffing partner that understands how to combat the challenges of hiring, is a key to building success for your team. 

A Staffing Partner in the trenches with you. 

We deal with the same pains on a daily basis. With over 4,000 external teammates working in our clients’ buildings, we are constantly hiring. Luckily, we’ve figured out a few things that give us an edge. We can remove the recruiting burden, help reduce your turnover, and filter highest quality candidates to help you stay winning. 

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Case Studies

With Morales Group, not only will you get results, but you’ll know how you got there. Evaluating metrics is an essential piece to optimizing your people strategy. Check out some of our case studies to see if our past experience could be an indicator of your future success!

Leading Ecommerce Warehouse Facility

Click to see how we helped Walmart overcome the challenges of hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Leading company of omnichannel commerce technologies and operations services

Company was experiencing continual shortage of candidates, struggling with fulfilling overtime needs; desired to become ESL-friendly and diversify talent pools but lacked bandwidth. They were able to leverage Morales Group’s connections and expertise for bilingual integration while freeing their own team to work their core functions. Over 2 months, our attendance was consistently above 90% each week compared to below 70% for their other staffing agencies. Turnover rate during that 6-week period with newly integrated Congolese community teammates was less than 5% and overtime participation was over 90% compared to less than 50% from other staffing agencies.

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Temp Agency

When you are trying to get a job or seek a meaningful career, the term “temp agency” has surely been mentioned to you. The typical understanding of a temp agency is a company that offers short-term work assignments to job seekers on behalf of employers who need temporary workers for a project. However, employment agencies have evolved — “temporary agencies” now offer a lot more services than short-term work. Employment agencies help job seekers find fulfilling careers, and having a third party to help with a job search can take a lot of stress of your plate.

“Temp agencies near me,” “staffing agencies near me,” and “temp services near me” are all frequent Internet search queries for the average job seeker. Morales Group is one of these temp agencys. Temp services we offer include:

  • Temporary/short-term staffing
  • Temp-to-hire
  • Direct hire
  • Seasonal
  • Bilingual
  • Workforce development
  • And more!

An important aspect of the role of a temp agency should be developing the local workforce, which allows for economic stability in the long term for a community. Temp agencies near me are responsible for not only helping employers find workers, but also for helping workers become qualified to move up to the next level of their careers. Morales Group offers a workforce development program with temp services near me such as English proficiency classes and forklift and team lead certifications.

Temp agency has become a bit of a dirty word in the job search process in recent decades — but this is undeserved. Temporary agencies these days serve an important management function for companies. Staffing is the continuous process of finding, selecting, evaluating and developing a working relationship with current or future employees, as well as employer clients. You can learn more about the staffing process by clicking our article What is Staffing. But basically, the purpose of staffing and employment agencies is to both to help a job seeker find a job, as well as find a qualified candidate for an open position for a company.

Open positions for any company is a big hassle. A temp agency can ease the burden of employee turnover by providing the services of recruitment, screening, and selection on an employer’s behalf. Using a temp agency allows an employer to find the very best talent for their workforce while not spending tons of time on this lengthy process. Instead of constantly focusing on searching for the best candidates, a company who uses a temp agency can focus on what their business actually does.

Employee turnover is the number one highest expense that companies have control over. Most companies usually don’t have the amount of human resources capabilities to handle high turnover — luckily, a temp agency is completely human resource-based. Companies can outsource this process to a temp agency to take care of the staffing process to recruit the best employees. When care is taken during the recruiting process, both the company and the employee find a better fit — so turnover decreases. A temp agency is an investment in the long-term health and happiness of a company.

While most employment agencies allow me to apply online, the process usually also requires me to come in for an interview or to turn in application materials. An online temp agency is a type of temp agency that operates solely online, with no need to come into a physical office. Sometimes an online temp agency will not allow me to do anything other than apply online. However, most temp services near me integrate a combination of online, mobile, social media, call center, and physical office space to help me find the best career near me.

Temp Agencies Near me

When I am trying to find temp agencies near me, it’s helpful to get a good look at the various options. While many temp agencies near me want to find employees for the companies paying them to do so, not all employment agencies will take care to make sure a candidate has the absolute best experience.

A good staffing experience is important, because it means I, as a job seeker, will enjoy my placement far better and likely stay at my company for the long term. This contributes to the workforce development aspect of a community, benefiting everyone who lives there.

When searching for temp agencies near me, Morales Group is a popular option. Morales Group is a group of talented, diverse individuals who are committed to those they help. Their mission is on building better futures, one story at a time — Morales Group does this by giving people jobs and helping them gain the skills to move up in their careers.

It’s a good idea to scope out what impacts a staffing agency has made in the area. For example, Morales Group consistently wins Best Places to Work in Indiana as well as other workforce development awards.

Other employment agencies include Elwood Staffing. Other temp agencies are Prologistix, Diverse Staffing, Forge Staffing, Paramount Staffing, Spherion Staffing, MSIL Staffing, Energeo Staffing, and That’s Good HR.

It’s important to research temp agencies near you to ensure you make the best choice. Different temporary agencies recruit for different industries. If you have an industry you are most interested in, make sure the staffing agency you pick actually recruits for that area. However, keep an open mind — if you keep your eyes open to the possibilities, a temp agency can help you find a great fit in an industry you may not have previously considered.

Staffing Agencies Indianapolis

Staffing agencies Indianapolis are always on the lookout for great candidates, lucky for those on the job hunt. With recently low unemployment, the amount of good paying jobs in Indianapolis and surrounding areas in Indiana has risen. This is good news for you if you are seeking a job but want the very best.

“Temp agency Indianapolis” is a common search term to find temp agencies in Indianapolis Indiana. Fortunately, no matter where you live, staffing agencies in Indiana often serve areas all over the state — and even the country. For example, Morales Group is part of the staffing agencies Indianapolis area, but also has offices in Lafayette, Jeffersonville, Columbus, and Anderson, not to mention branches in Dallas, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina, and Louisville, Kentucky.

The staffing agencies Plainfield Indiana area is also a popular search, likely due to the booming light industrial and warehouse industry located there. Luckily, Morales Group at times hosts a pop-up office for the Plainfield area, and other branches service this location, too.

The best staffing agencies Indianapolis offers are probably your best bet when you start your search for an agency. Morales Group is proud to receive consistent industry recognition for staffing agencies Indianapolis, including to be named one of Inc. magazines best workplaces, Inavero’s Best of Staffing Talent 2017, and especially Indiana Top 100 “Best Places to Work” Award of Excellence for multiple years. Morales Group is also a certified Minority Business Enterprise and a member of the American Staffing Association and Staffing Industry Analysts.

The staffing agencies Indianapolis Indiana area has several other temp services to consider as well. One is Kelly Services Indianapolis, and another is Aerotek Indianapolis. More firms include Elwood Staffing Indianapolis and Robert Half Indianapolis. With multiple staffing options, it’s important to do your research to find which temp staffing Indianapolis firms are the right fit for you.

Staffing agencies Indianapolis may also offer labor solutions to the employers and clients they work with. Labor solutions can take many forms, but it can include helping to form a strategic staffing plan. These strategies analyze the type, cost, and volume of workers needed to meet company objectives — instead of only filling short-term worker slots, which is the general service of a temp agency.

Labor solutions and a strategic staffing plan can help analyze people patterns at a company, identify needs and pain points, and develop a strong workplace culture. To learn more about staffing strategies and their impact, click here to read our article on What is Staffing.

Working with a temp agency that offers labor solutions might be more likely to yield a long-term career fit for you, since a company who develops a strategic staffing plan is likely to be more dedicated to designing great workforce experiences. Labor solutions require that a company analyzes and constantly reviews their people landscapes, business goals, and employer brand. Usually companies don’t have the human resource functionality for this process, which is when labor solutions and staffing strategies from a temp agency comes in. Simply by correlation, these companies who use a temp agency to highlight workforce strategies and pay attention to these factors are usually better places to work.

The bottom line is that a temp agency can be much more than simply filling an open job position. Quality people are a company’s biggest asset. So, quality employment agencies not only find and recruit applicants, but they also help job seekers gain skills to move up in their careers while helping companies offer a great place for those job seekers to work. Workforce development is a principled purpose of employment agencies, and this aspect of staffing helps both sides improve and give back to their communities.