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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Staffing

Recruiting 08.26.20 Morales Group

Hearing the term “artificial intelligence” (AI) might trigger thoughts of sci-fi movies where robots—originally created to help make life easier— wreak havoc on civilization. While robots fortunately haven’t taken over the world (yet), we do interact with AI on a daily basis. We use it to filter our email, play our favorite artists (“Alexa, play Imagine Dragons”), and even make bank deposits without leaving the house. But what is the impact of artificial intelligence on staffing and recruiting?

Simplifies the Application Process

AI simplifies the recruitment process for both candidates and Human Resources teams. Applicant tracking systems streamline the application process, allowing candidates to search job postings by industry, salary, or job title. Once applications are submitted, recruiters can quickly create a list of top-tier applicants by searching resumes for keywords.

While applicant tracking systems makes it faster than ever to sift through applications, it does not diminish the need for face-to-face interaction. As applicants catch on to the “right” keywords to help launch their résumé to the top of the electronic stack, good old-fashioned networking becomes even more important. Hopefully, future AI efforts will allow employers to attract candidates through more complex conversational content instead of a few keywords. But until then, building and maintaining professional relationships still tops the list of recruiting strategies.

Allows for Efficient Communication

Recruiters benefit from more efficient communication with applicants, which simultaneously improves candidate experience. Instead of the monotonous back-and-forth of emails or playing a nonstop game of phone tag, chatbots answer candidate questions in real-time. This automated interaction leaves more time in face-to-face or video interviews for the more important questions and frees up recruiters for other tasks.

Similarly, AI might enable similar chatbots to run applicant interviews in the future by asking personalized questions based on application and résumé information.

Saves Recruitment Dollars

Let’s cut to the bottom line—investing in AI saves companies substantial recruitment dollars down the road. AI software helps recruiters track metrics to spend less time hunting for the best candidates, automates interview scheduling, rounds up interviewer feedback, and streamlines communication with applicants. While AI doesn’t replace human touch, it does offer valuable tools for cutting down recruiting budgets.

. . .

There’s a lot of doomsday rhetoric surrounding AI and its implications on our day-to-day lives. Instead of being afraid of it, we encourage you to embrace the way AI can streamline the recruiting process and use it for its intended purpose: to make life a little easier.

Recruiting 08.26.20 Morales Group