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Warehouse Packing Jobs Hiring in Your Area

Recruiting 09.28.21 Morales Group

Packers, or pickers as they are sometimes referred to, for the most part, work in a warehouse facility. These employees are responsible for checking invoices, then collecting finished items from inventory to wrap securely or package, and ship items out to customers. Depending on the size of the warehouse, packers will typically be assigned to a specific area, and be responsible for certain inventory items.

They are also responsible for checking the quality and order of products to ensure that these items are in good condition before shipment. Packers are required to maintain inventory within their designated area. They regularly update the inventory system by capturing data of inventory that has left the shelf. Again, depending on the size of the facility, the packer will then notify the line manager, or in certain cases, the relevant department, which is usually purchasing, of stock levels. Items are weighed before shipment.

This position requires a candidate to be physically strong and have stamina, as some of the boxes may be heavier. 45.3 % of warehouse packing jobs are performed by females with 48.8% of these posts being held by males. Warehouse packing jobs are most in-demand in Chicago, IL and retail warehouse packer jobs are the highest paid in the industry.

What are warehouse packer jobs like?

This will depend on the size of the warehouse. Large warehouses are run with razor-sharp precision, as multiple roles exist, with each employee fulfilling a specific function. Working in these facilities is often more stressful and requires speed, accuracy, and quality workmanship. The upside to working in a larger facility is that time goes by much faster.

On the other end of the spectrum, are smaller facilities. These types of warehouses are often run by fewer employees, meaning that each employee will fulfill more tasks and have more responsibilities. Pressure may not be as high as in larger facilities but there is still an emphasis on speed and with more functions to fulfill, stress is still present, albeit to a lesser extent.

Soft Skills and Qualities

Warehouse packer jobsrequire candidates to have excellent communications skills. Due to the fact that large warehouses have multiple employees working in teams, good communications skills are a necessity to be successful in this line of work. Employees are not only required to work in a single team, but also, in cross department teams, where information is shared and tasks and duties are delegated.

Packers must be dependable, flexible, and punctual in their work. Punctual employees arrive on time, perform work to a high standard, and meet crucial deadlines. Packers should possess picking, packing, and stocking skills. These employees demonstrate sound skills in organizing, prioritizing tasks according to importance, and attention to detail.

Speed and accuracy are two essential skills in a facility where large quantities of stock are moved on a daily basis. Employees should have a good sense of urgency and understand the importance of meeting deadlines as this is a crucial part of warehouse packing jobs.

Certain warehouse packing positions require employees to work with specific machinery such as forklifts or power jacks. Experience and training in this area is required

Shipping and receiving tasks have their own processes and procedures in warehouse packer jobs. These skills are more often learned on the job and employees with prior warehouse experience should display a sound knowledge of these processes and procedures.

Duties and Responsibilities

According to LinkedIn Talent Solutions, warehouse packer jobs have certain objectives that need to be met in order to successfully fulfill this type of work:


  • Company packing procedures and standards must be adhered to
  • Product orders should be packed and moved with care
  • Comply with company safety policies and procedures and enforce them actively
  • Actively promote a safe work environment and adhere to OSHA requirements
  • Inventory should be handled with care and attention to detail

Indeed For Employers highlight the specific duties of warehouse packers as:

  • Shipping containers should be inspected ensuring they meet shipping regulations
  • Shipping supplies and containers should be cleaned regularly
  • Inspecting packages to ensure they are not damaged
  • Packages should be weighed and labeled correctly
  • Shipping containers must be labeled and sealed correctly
  • Filling out packing and order forms with the relevant shipping information
  • Daily orders should be assembled by location and other categories
  • Record keeping of packages, delivery notes, and invoices

There are certain qualifications that candidates must adhere to. The minimum age requirement is 18 years of age. Packers should be in possession of a high school certificate or GED. Packers should be able to lift up to 50 lbs and stand for up to four hours at a time. Certain packer jobs may require candidates to work machinery such as forklifts and power jacks. While previous warehouse experience may not always be required, it will definitely be viewed as an advantage.

Recruiting 09.28.21 Morales Group