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Staffing Resources to Prepare You for Your Next Job Interview

Jobs 12.15.20

Are you out of work and looking for a solution? Have you considered using a temp agency or staffing resource? Maybe it is time you should consider a staffing resource, and there is no better than Morales Group Staffing. Morales Group Staffing is an amazing staffing resource and has many options to choose from. Whether client or teammate, Morales Group Staffing has an experience with the right staffing resources for your needsMaybe you just need details on where to begin.  

For companies, big or small, the need for exceptional team members is a priority you will inevitably face. Here is where Morales Group Staffing can prove their expertise in staffing resources. Whether you are searching for 1 or 2 Direct Hire individuals or need a team of 150 by next Monday, Morales Group has the ability to fulfill these needs with a pool of qualified teammates. Morales Group will make sure to provide detailed information to you as the client form start to finish with each teammate we place into your assignment. From our awesome admin and recruiters to our amazing payroll and human resource team, each is dedicated to making your experience and partnership with Morales Group Staff a value to you.  

Working with morales group as a client is an easy process. To start our sales team will provide you with all details pertaining to Morales Group staffing resources for client orders and needs. From that point they will aid you with all the data you will need and a quote to fulfill your staffing resources with Morales Group Staffing.   

When it comes to the employee experience Morales Group is determined to have each employee feel as though they are a part of a bigger picture and considered a true teammate. Morales Group Staffing takes extra care in the treatment of each teammate, to ensure their experience is a great one. It is the Morales Group belief that a well-treated and valued employee provides the best work on assignment. From providing them with a cheery atmosphere in the office to giving them thorough details on job requirements and orientation specifics, our teammates are kept in the know and followed up with on a regular basis; providing yet another amazing staffing resource to your company.  Our recruiters take extra care in answering all questions as teammates prepare for assignment and our Onsight’s take the lead while the teammates are on assignment. Onsight’s carefully monitor daily duties and needs for each Morales Group Staffing teammate. In addition details around location and first day notes including onsight contact and where to go for entry are included before all teammates start 

Teammates will also benefit from great staffing resources. Our recruiters take extra care in learning all of our opportunities and how they can benefit a prospective teammate based on their current need. For instance, a teammate may come in and be limited on transportation and only relying on the bus to get them from point A to point B. Our recruiters will listen to this need and look for and possible staffing resources such as job opportunities located on the local bus line. They will also provide the times of when the shift will start and what time they should expect to be on the bus in order to make that shift work Another scenario could involve pay requirements. Our teammates are asked what the minimum hourly pay they need to provide for their family or themselves. If a teammate cannot sustain on less than 14 an hour our recruiter will make sure to eliminate offers that do not meet that requirement, and work to find a better fit Prior to speaking with a recruiter, the teammate will be asked to complete a Morales Group Staffing application. This application will give information to the recruiter about past experience and what opportunities he or she is in search of. Taking the application and the interview into consideration the recruiter will then provide a list of opportunities that best fit the needs of the teammate.  

Once the teammate and recruiter come to an agreement the teammate is ready to be fully processed and placed on assignment. This process will include setting up their time for a drug test and performing a background check. Sometimes background checks can take a day or two to return, which would be the only reason for a delay in deployment of assignment. Morales Group with also administer or schedule a time for a drug test for the teammate. These drug tests vary based upon the clients specific needs and placement on assignment will be contingent on if that drug test comes back negative. Should a drug test be failed, the teammate will remain in our system but be unable to be placed for 6 months, in which they can return and retake drug test. Morales Group Staffing recruiters make sure to explain this information in detail to the teammate prior to submission of drug test; allowing them a chance to be honest up front and eliminating any who know in advance they will fail. The addition of drug and background testing is yet another staffing resource that Morales Group provides for its clients, eliminating their need to outsource or administer on sight. 

Jobs 12.15.20