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Peak Season Staffing Solutions

To most, November and December are known as the holiday season, but if you work in warehousing or logistics, you know it better as peak season. While peak season in this industry happens every year, this year we have seen a significant uptick in e-commerce which includes new companies, products, and buying processes. The COVID … Continued

Staffing Solutions Using Today’s Top Job Boards

Are you looking for staffing solutions in your area? Staffing solutions can either be candidates you need for the job assignment or maybe you are a candidate looking for an assignment. Morales Group Staffing is an incredible resource for staffing solutions and has many locations to choose from. Whether you are in Dallas Texas the Midwest or … Continued

Staffing Resources to Prepare You for Your Next Job Interview

Are you out of work and looking for a solution? Have you considered using a temp agency or staffing resource? Maybe it is time you should consider a staffing resource, and there is no better than Morales Group Staffing. Morales Group Staffing is an amazing staffing resource and has many options to choose from. Whether client or teammate, … Continued

Customer Service Jobs

Customer Service Jobs When it comes to choosing a new career path, it is helpful to look at positions which are needed for every company, no matter the industry. One such career includes customer service jobs. In this piece, we will discuss what is involved in customer service jobs, what the work environment is like, … Continued

Benefits of Working with Warehouse Temp Agencies

Thanks to the steady uptick in online shopping, the demand for warehouse workers continues to grow. Keeping up with the staffing need is difficult enough, but seasonal growth or employees’ extended leave of absence can leave HR managers floundering to fill important roles. That’s where warehouse temp agencies come in. While temping has certainly changed … Continued

Forklift Certification

forklift certification If you’re in the market for a forklift operator job, there are some prerequisites that must be completed in order to become a forklift operator in the Indianapolis area. The most important step is to complete your forklift certification. A forklift certification is a certificate that is offered by many different organizations such … Continued

Career Fair

 Job Fairs Near Me The career fair is one of the most comprehensive recruiting strategies for both the job seeker and the employer looking for top talent. As a job seeker, in order to find job fairs near me, there are a variety of ways to attend the best career fairs near me that have … Continued

Call Center Jobs

Call Center Jobs Call center jobs have evolved in the past few years, and they are no longer positions to deal with angry callers who have been put on hold. These days, call center jobs deal a whole lot more with customer service — reps have the ability to onboard new customers and help retain … Continued

Electrician Jobs

 Electrician Jobs When searching for a new job or career path, electrician jobs should be at the top of your mind as a smart and fulfilling job choice. North America — and Indiana in particular — is experiencing a shortage of qualified skilled trades people, especially those trained for electrician jobs. An education from the … Continued